Knowledge management of the network enabled capability


BUŘITA, Ladislav, GARDAVSKÝ, Pavel, MARC, Michal. KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT OF THE NETWORK ENABLED CAPABILITY. In International conference proceedings MCC-2009. Pague: LOM/VTUL, September 29-30, m2009, pp.72-75. ISBN 987-80-7231-676-2

The project „Knowledge Management of the Czech Armed Forces (CAF) Network Enabled Capability (NEC)” is the first research project dealing with the problems of knowledge acquisition, processing, and their use in the Czech military. The project started with analysis of the knowledge approaches and tools that could support the NEC area. The main goal of the project is to suggest a knowledge system of the process administration in the CAF NEC. The solution principles and methodology are described. The basic terms are depicted. Topic Maps (TM), the theoretical base of the solution, are explained; ideas of the knowledge system are mentioned, and proposed methodology is described. The prepared system should support the organisation of information, the knowledge acquisition, record the results of the NEC building, and assure the quality of the CAF NEC survey for the decision support process.

document and its parts:

MCC-2009 Conference Proceedings
   Knowledge management of the network enabled capability


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