Knowledge Management System Based on Lessons Learned Documents


Knowledge Management System Based on Lessons Learned Documents. Warsaw: Military University of Technology: BUŘITA, Ladislav; HRŮZA, Petr; LUŇÁČEK, Oldřich; MALÝ, Vlastimil; ONDRYHAL, Vojtěch. 2013

ABSTRACT: The paper describes the creation of the Knowledge Management System (KMS) based on Lessons Learned documents that were prepared at the Institute of Doctrine of the Military Academy. The objective of the KMS is to provide an access to the available information for the preparation of troops for foreign missions in a user-friendly way. The paper presents the research methodology, the analysis of the documents, the creation of ontology and the KMS development. One of the requirements for the solution was the implementation of the batch information input and the automation of the information context creation.

Keywords: Knowledge Management System, Lessons Learned, methodology, ontology, Topic Maps, AION, AToM.

document and its parts:

MCC-2013 Conference Proceedings
   Knowledge Management System Based on Lessons Learned Documents


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