Knowledge Management System Mental for effective NEC Cooperation


BUŘITA, Ladislav; DO, Petr; ONDRYHAL, Vojtěch. Knowledge Management Systém MENTAL for Effective NEC Cooperation. Military Communications and Information Technology: A Comprehensive Approach Enabler. Warsaw : Military University of Technology, 2011, p. 145-153. ISBN 978-83-62954-20-9.

ABSTRACT: The article is based on the results of the research defence project called Network Enabled Capability Knowledge Management in the Army of the Czech Republic - MENTAL. It presents the experience of the implementation of ontology and knowledge base development in the technological environment of ATOM2. The article provides examples of the impact of technology on the ontology structure and the function of the knowledge system. The solution of users’ administration and the creation of the Community of Interest are introduced. The overview of the knowledge portal MENTAL is also included.

Keywords: Knowledge Management System, Army of the Czech Republic, University of Defence, MENTAL, ATOM2, ontology, knowledge base, knowledge portal.

document and its parts:

MCC-2011 Conference Proceedings
   Knowledge Management System Mental for effective NEC Cooperation


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