KIT - 2017, The 9th International Scientific Conference on Communication and Information Technologies


9th International Scientific Conference, October 4th - 6th, 2017 - Hotel GRANIT Tatranské Zruby

Date Start: 4.10.2017, Date Finish: 6.10.2017

Sections – Topics

Communication Technologies

  • Narrowband and Broadband Technologies and Services;
  • Network Protocols and Performance;
  • Access and Transport Networks;
  • New Generation Networks (NGN);
  • Telecommunication Management Networks (TMN);
  • Mobile and Satellite Communications;
  • Technical Normalization in Telecommunications;
  • Multimedia Communications;
  • Cyber Security and Network Operations.

Information Technologies

  • Information Systems;
  • Computer Engineering;
  • Advanced Architectures of Computer Systems;
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing;
  • Computer Grids and Cloud computing;
  • Advanced Programming Languages and Environments;
  • Modeling and Simulation;
  • E-learning Technologies and Applications;
  • Deployment of IT in the Armed Forces. 
Address: Hotel Tatranské Zruby, Slovak Republic


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