CEFME 002-meeting, 2007, Czech Republic


The University of Defence hosted in Brno on 28 and 29 November 2007 a meeting attended by the commanders of the military higher education institutions from eleven Central and East European countries. Focused on military education, the Brno event resumed the negotiations of the European Conference of Commandants session held in Pula, Croatia, in April 2007. It was here where the Central European Forum on Military Education was established. Countries sending the military school commandants and/or the responsible Ministry of Defence representatives included Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania, Estonia, Latvia and the Czech Republic.

Date Start: 28.11.2007, Date Finish: 29.11.2007

The University of Defence rector and commandant Brigadier General Rudolf Urban opened the first day session. As mentioned he first of all considers the Forum a platform for the exchange of experience in Bologna process application. The primary goal is to introduce the higher education institutions of the above-mentioned countries and their learning programmes that could be offered to other nations for military professionals’ formation. The second day was mostly discussion on the presented issues and offers. The rich discussion outlined the wide range of various working contacts reaching from the cooperation in military issues to exchange of students and/or teachers based on the Erasmus programme. The next similar meeting to be held in Toledo in April 2008 the participants should specify what type of cooperation they will have established with whom.


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