National and International Security 2017, The 8th International Scientific Conference

National and International Security 2017, 26th – 27th October 2017, Liptovský Ján, Slovakia.

Conference Objective:

Assessment of a current state of national and international security processes and new aspects of its trends.

Conference topics:

  • international relations and the global security environment (global security aspects - global threats and challenges of humanity, asymmetric armed conflict, approaches to the global issues solution from the point of view of the greatest world actors, participation of military and non-military actors in crisis management, respect for and protection of human rights, development of democracy)
  • national security as an object of research, formation and implementation of national security policy (security system and crisis management, shaping of the national internal security, preparation of the legislation and national strategic security documents; participation of the armed forces on securing of an internal security, military logistics, defence planning)
  • contemporary security science and trends of its development (relationship between security and strategic studies, expansion and deepening of the concept of security - military, economic, social, political, environmental and cybernetic dimension of security),
  • position and tasks of the armed forces in conflict prevention and conflict solution (requirements on capabilities of the present and future armed forces, experience of the International crisis management)

Conference languages:
English, Czech, Russian and Slovak.


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