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You don't need to possess programming skills. You can create your ATOM database by clicking in your web browser. Task management, project management, CRM, document store or anything else you need for your business and/or hobbies. Transparent. Fast. Powerful.

Main benefit: ATOM will adapt to your needs

Who understands your needs best? Google? Facebook? A consultant? No, it's You! ATOM is adaptive and easily adjustable, so that it can do, right what you need. That's not idle chit-chat, that's a fact.


A project made with a few mouse-clicks

A project is based on an ontology. The ontology can be easily drawn up using the intuitive ontology editor - directly in the web browser. Or you can import it from a template.

Its properties (e.g. text or numeric fields, images, selections, taxonomies) are pre-made as components - you can drag & drop them into your ontology.

If you have a spreadsheet data (like in MS Excel format), you can easily import them into your project.

You can have multiple projects in ATOM, they can be inter-linked and you can quickly switch between them.

Project webpage

A webpage is available for each project upon its creation - it consists of project description, list of classes, relations and their properties and basic statistics containing the number of entries and relations between them.

Each class is represented by its own fill-in form, which is automatically there upon its creation. Every operation (view, input, modification) is realized through this fill-in form. The fill-in form can be configured in the global settings, or personalized in the local settings.

The fill-in forms for individual entries can be linked to and get opened in Data editor (in view or edit mode).

Basic operations 

  • entry view (individually or by groups)
  • new entry input (completely new entry, copy of an existing one, batch import)
  • creation of new associations, i.e. named and directional relations between entries
  • entry edit (individual or batch operation)
  • search (basic full-text search or with faceted filtering)

Forums, discussions

A discussion is available for every item/entry.

There are also forums divided into individual topics, for discussion between the team members.

Interface personalisation

Every user can adjust ATOM interface and functionality in a number of ways:

  • homepage arrangement, you can have multiple homepages for different purposes
  • multiple data overviews, including complex (and saveable) search queries
  • arrangement of individual items (fields) in fill-in forms

Protocols and logs

Everything is logged. Every modification and even every simple view of an entry. Everything can be traced and you thus have a complete control over what happened with your data in time.

Data mining and visualisation

ATOM Studio has an outstanding and intuitive search functionaloity. You can search not only for classes and properties (which is simple and every database can do that), but also for relations between classes entries, enabling you to make complex search queries (e.g. search for all clients, who accepted at least one offer for a given product during last year).

Search results can be visualized in a number of different ways, which is a major improvement over simple table views.

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