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Dear colleagues, functionaries of universities and faculties, ERASMUS coordinators, academic staff members,

Let us brief you about the MilUNI (Military Universities) information portal which has been created at the University of Defence in Brno (Czech Republic). The portal is based on the knowledge system and provides information on military academies and universities of NATO member countries and other European countries (except for NATO countries). The portal is available at The sources for the information portal are publicly accessible websites of universities, academies and schools. According to our research, nothing like this has been created so far. The aim of the MilUNI portal is to promote cooperation among military schools in teaching, research and exchanges of teachers and students (especially within the ERASMUS programme). We are aware of the fact that the portal will be beneficial only if as many schools as possible contribute to its development so that the data on the portal were relevant. Our objective is to constantly update the information, for example, on academic conferences and published articles, so that they can be studied and cited. Therefore, we would like to invite you to collaboration on the MilUNI portal. In the first phase of the portal development it is necessary to update information about your university and complete information on selected conferences and articles published by the university staff. Those interested in collaboration will be granted access rights and will obtain instructions on working with the system.

Regards, The MilUNI Team

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