Ladislav BUŘITA, prof. Ing. CSc.

University staff. KMS team member. Producer MilUNIsystem.

Expert CIS and KMS.

created collection/article:

Applications Based on Ontology or DatabaseCommand and Control Information Systems Interoperability in NATODevelopment of Knowledge Management System MENTALHADOOP: How to Process the Big Data?Information Portal MilUNI for Military Universities CooperationInformation and Knowledge Sharing in NATO NECInformation Platform for Military Universities Cooperation, KIT-2013INFORMATION RETRIEVAL IN EDUCATIONInformation Sharing and Collaboration in NATO NECInformation System in Security Area using Semantic ApproachInformation Systems and Knowledge Systems – why is the gap between them so large?Information System Using Knowledge BackgroundINTELLIGENT SOFTWARE ATOM FOR KNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENTInteroperability Dictionary Project and its relevance in military information systems managementK-GATE Ontology Driven Knowledge Based System for Decision SupportKnowledge Management System for Military TechnologiesKnowledge Management System for Military Universities CooperationKnowledge Base Modeling and Design ProcedureKnowledge Management in Military OrganizationsKnowledge management of the network enabled capabilityKnowledge Management - Research and EducationKnowledge Management System Based on Lessons Learned DocumentsKnowledge Management System MENTALKnowledge Management System Mental for effective NEC CooperationKnowledge System “MENTAL” ArchitectureKNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS SUPPORTING EDUCATION AND UNIVERSITY COOPERATION(DISTANCE) LEARNING FOR DEVELOPING STUDENTS’ CREATIVE ABILITIES2 The KMS MilUNI - Content (Ontology)4 The KMS MilUNI - Data Input Rules1 The KMS MilUNI - DescriptionKnowledge Management System MilUNI - USERs GUIDENATO NEC In International ContextNo Relational and No SQL Databases, KIT-2013Ontology Development as a Software Engineering ProcedureTeaching Methodology of Information Systems


Knowledge management system for NEC ACRKnowledge Management System for NEC ACR AdministrationKnowledge Management System MiUNI

related to function:

National ADMIN CEFME, UoD-CZEProject manager MENTAL

is member (employee) of:

Department of Communication and Information Systems


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