Knowledge Management System for NEC ACR Administration


MENTAL-Knowledge Management System for NEC ACR Administration.

Date-Issue: 2011
Place of Issue: UoD, FMT, CIS Department; Brno CZE
Technical Data: 

Functional sample MENTAL v2.0 of the knowledge system MENTAL - Knowledge Management of the NEC ACR is a result of project development work for the Department of Communication and Information Systems. Functional sample is the first knowledge system in the MoD. His theoretical background is Topic Maps includes a knowledge base of Network Enabled Capability (NEC) ACR and is administered by the software ATOM2. It contains an ontology definition of NEC; their functions supports uses knowledge of NEC and are designed for decision support of NEC. It includes information on NEC's domain and the construction phases, the evaluation results, an overview of projects, organizations and individuals. Technology infrastructure consists of Windows Server 2008 and database management system MS SQL Server 2008.


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