Project for development of CIS department of UoD/FMT


The PRO-209 "Project for develompemnt of organization" is an university research project; responsibility of the CIS department.

Project in process, Date Start: 1.6.1987,

Technical Data:

Technology of company AION CS Zlin: ATOM2 SW for KMS.

Technology of company TOVEK Prague: TOVEK SW for document analysis.

Part of the project PRO-209: Information (IM) and Knowledge Management (KM), the Defense Department in an NEC. Responsible prof. Ladislav Burita.

The content of subproject will address the following areas:

  • Development of knowledge-based systems.
  • Creation of taxonomies and ontologies.
  • Implementation of IM and KM.
  • Information and knowledge superiority NEC.
  • Innovation of IS, their integration and interoperability.
  • Development of new applications (particularly mobile) platforms.
  • Architectural approaches to IS and KS.
  • Information infrastructure NEC.
  • Virtualization hardware and software - analysis, research and implementation.


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