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For the first time at the General Tadeusz Kosciuszko Military Academy of Land Forces cadets from different countries (Romania, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia,Czech Republic, Bulgaria) are taking part in "Erasmus +" edition.

As we all know, the Erasmus experience is a cultural exchange that gathers students from all over the world. That is what happened on Monday, 31 March when Internatinal day took part in the General Tadeusz Kosciuszko Military Academy of Land Forces with students and cadets from eight different countries:Poland, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia,Czech Republic,Italy. Everybody was welcomed with a feast and they all got to share their countries' values and what their universities have to offer. Once we all got down, we got to watch different backgrounds and different civilizations and how they all ilustrate a rich world.

We all became more familiar with other's nation habits and for the military cadets was even more offertant because of all the extracurricular activities and army training that different countries provides while the civilian students got a peek into the every-days cadet experience.

It wasn't all about culture, we also had entertaining moments in which we had a good laugh.

Each presentation was unique because they were all done with hard work and they all had good visuals that helped us seize the moment and make it be a memorable day.

The good atmosphere and the delicious traditional food combined with good hosting made this international breakfast really unforgetable and we sure hope that this won't be the last time we will experience something like this.


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