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The main goal of the ADL Department is developing of the “Carol I” National Defense University capabilities to distribute the tailored knowledge and courses packages anywhere and anytime for individual and team permanent education and training.

Education, training and research in Military Science, crisis management, inteligence and simulation. Located in Bucharest, Romania. Member of CEFME.

The military university rectors in the region of Central Europe met for the fourth time on 2 till 4 November 2010 under the CEFME (Central European Forum on Military Education) umbrella. Among the twenty-nine representatives for nine countries (Austria, Croatia, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic) was the four-member delegation for the University of Defence lead by its rector professor Rudolf Urban.

Mission is to educate and train personnel from EAPC countries in NATO doctrine and procedures, multinational operations, crisis management, security, stability, transition and reconstruction and CIMIC operations.

Department is specialized in training of command personnel from the defence resources management structures, as well as of teaching and command staff from the military education system.

Part of the Merchant Marine Faculty. It coordinates the training of future electromechanical engineers that carry on their activity in the Navy and Merchant Marine.

Part of the Merchant Marine Faculty. The Department of Humanist and Behavioral Sciences provides the training of students for the achievement of physical, socio-human, legal and economic management profile of future graduates..

Part of the Merchant Marine Faculty. It organizes and carries on a technical profile and specialized teaching activity of the material basis and scientific research for the training of Merchant Marine and Navy engineers and officers.

Part of the Merchant Marine Faculty. The reduced frequency learning represents an integrated, flexible and complex education and training form at university level.

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