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The main goal of the ADL Department is developing of the “Carol I” National Defense University capabilities to distribute the tailored knowledge and courses packages anywhere and anytime for individual and team permanent education and training.

Education, training and research in Military Science, crisis management, inteligence and simulation. Located in Bucharest, Romania. Member of CEFME.

Mission is to educate and train personnel from EAPC countries in NATO doctrine and procedures, multinational operations, crisis management, security, stability, transition and reconstruction and CIMIC operations.

Department is specialized in training of command personnel from the defence resources management structures, as well as of teaching and command staff from the military education system.

Faculty train student officers to become commanders and staff officers at the tactical and operational echelons and in the logistical command system of the Armed Forces, as well as for other domestic and foreign beneficiaries.

Foreign Language Center has as main goal the organization of intensive, non intensive, learning and refresher courses of foreign languages  for the military and civilian personnel within the MOND and, for individuals within civil society.


Department mission is to train commanders, staff officers and experts (both military and civilian) to fill in command and expertise positions in the fields of defense and security, as well as to organize and promote scientific studies and research, necessary to structures with responsibilities in these fields.

Education, training and research in Military Electronic and Information Systems, Mechatronics and Integrated Armament System. Located in Bucharest, Romania.

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