Croatian Defence Academy "Dr. Franjo Tuđman"

Education, training and research in military and social studies, technology, leadership and management, strategy and security policy, foreign languages. Located in Zagreb, Croatia. Member of CEFME.

Quality support to implementation of the strategic concept and new structure of the Armed Forces, primarily to development of the joint intraservice action, requested structuring of the new organization unit that will provide a new joint education and training and develop a joint doctrine of the Armed Forces.

Croatian Defense Academy was structured accordingly under direct command of the General Staff. Its administrative and executive part has the following fundamental tasks:

  • Implementing of the intraservice education and training of officers and NCOs
  • Proposal and elaboration of the joint doctrine of the Armed Forces
  • Taking part in setting unified standards and criteria for education and training in the Armed Forces
  • Making instructions for education and training
Address: Ilica 256b, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

university hierarchy:

   Croatian Defence Academy "Dr. Franjo Tuđman"
      CDA Deanery
      Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies "Janko Bobetko"
      Foreign Language Centre "Katarina Zrinska"
      Military Schools Centre "Petar Zrinski"



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