Theresian Military Academy

Leadership Competence since 1752!

Education and training in Military Science, Management and Leadership.

Located in Wiener Neustadt, Austria.

,,Maketh he hardworking officers and righteous men from this!",
was the basic task Emporess Maria Theresia qassigned to the first commander of the Military Academy Field-Marshall Count Daun. This task applies still today unchanged and the educational and support institutions of the Military Academy fulfill it as good as ever.

Education at the Academy ranges from education on Univesity level with the FH-Bachelor course of studies at the Institut 1 up to the lifelong and attendant further education of officers at the institut 2. It was always the aim of officer formation to form highly qualified military leaders, which, because of their scientifically founded education, are capable to fulfill their tasks in missions, training and service in our democratic society by acting professional and ethically right. Here generations of officers have completed the formation, that is acknowledged worlwide,and always find their way back to the "Alma Mater".



Officer Training Structure

The core of officer training is provided by the FH-Bachelor Programme, which is governed by the rules and regulations of the Fachhhochschul-Studiengesetz, an EU programme implemented by national legislation. Admission to the six-semester programme is open to anyone who meets the entry requirements and tailored to such candidates that are likely to qualify for a later career as a military leader and expert. Upon passing of the Bachelor exam students graduate as Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Military Leadership.

The same applies to civilian students, who are prepared to excel with leadership competence with civilian organisations in a similar, security-related fields. Such qualifications and competences are imparted upon the students through state-of-the-art didactics of adult education, following an interdisciplinary approach of relevant elements and modules. This is implemented in the framework of a six-semester FH-Bachelor Programme (180 ECTS), which includes both a national and an international on-the-job-training, totalling 12 weeks (24 ECTS).

On top of this academic programme military students undergo specifically military training in between the semesters to cater for the professional and administrative needs of an officer’s profession (In Austria officers form an integral part of the civil service and hence cannot be made redundant). During these military modules cadets gain hands-on experience at platoon and section levels.



International Exchange Programmes

Since 2005 the Austrian Theresan Military Academy has been exchanging lecturers and students with other countries. The main purpose is to increase interoperability and intercultural competence so as to manage future challenges. So far main effort for outgoing-activities has been the International Training on the Job for students to collect experiences as platoon leader or on equivalent level in many countries abroad.

Link: International Exchange Programmes

Address: FH-Bachelorstudiengang Militärische Führung Burgplatz 1,
A-2700 Wiener Neustadt



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