Military Academy, Estonia


Education, training and research in Military Science related to national defence. Located in Tartu, Estonia.

The Estonian National Defence College is an institution of vocational training, developing on secondary education, for applied higher education and military research related to national defence. Our mission is to train and educate senior non-commissioned officers, as well as junior and senior officers for the Estonian Defence Forces, National Defence League and other military institutions. The ENDC has established a national reputation in Estonia for expertise in military research and development. A challenging academic program by the ENDC provides a balanced education in military and civilian subjects designed to provide a solid military foundation for officer-training, meeting the intellectual and mental requirements necessary for service as a military leader in the Army. The academic staff members of the ENDC are supported by members of the academic community from leading universities throughout Estonia.

Address: Riia 12, 51013 Tartu, Estonia



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