Military Technical Academy, Romania

Education, training and research in Military Electronic and Information Systems, Mechatronics and Integrated Armament System. Located in Bucharest, Romania.

Military Technical Academy in Bucharest is an accredited higher education institution, subject to periodic evaluation by the National Council for Academic Evaluation and Accreditation.

The Military Technical Academy training is conducted education and postgraduate engineering officers at various levels, the needs of the Ministry of Defense and other structures of the national defense system (Ministry of Administration and Interior, the Special Telecommunications Service, the Romanian Intelligence Service Foreign Intelligence Service, the Protection and Guard) and the application of external partners.

Military higher polytechnic education has continuously developed in accordance with the requirements of higher education nationally, and military needs, following the preparation of scientific, technical and military, and moral qualities necessary engineer officer.

Military Technical Academy preparing the BA, MA, PhD. Masters of the specific national defense, security and public order is the master "Information Technology Management"

Some of the main research areas are:

Robotics - Mechatronics;
Optics and optoelectronics;
Flight dynamics and control;
Reactive propulsion systems;
Automotive mechanics;
Internal combustion engines;
Theory of elasticity, plasticity;
Composite materials;
Electronic warfare;
Microwave and high resolution radar;
Transmission (telecommunications);
Computer architecture and security;
Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing;
Systems theory.

Address: Bulevardul George Coşbuc nr. 39-49, Sector 5, BUCURESTI, Cod postal 050141


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