Austrian National Defence Academy

Education and research in higher military leadership, strategy and security policy, peace support and conflict management, central documentation, language institute, human and social sciences. Located in Vienna, Austria. Member of CEFME.

The Command and Administration Division is the administrative and organisational department of the academy. Its duties comprise human resource management, military security, supply, planning of the academy's academic programmes, event planning and - administration, accounting, electronic data processing support and training as well as the conduct of a media center (publications). Moreover the Simulations Center located in Neulengbach is integrated into the organisation of the Command and Administration Division.

The Institute for Higher Military Command and Control is the oldest one of the Austrian National Defence Academy. Its main tasks are research and teaching of the subjects operations, tactics, logistics, and organisation. The institute also organises international staff exercises and conferences and also publishes in these fields. Co-operation with many renowned institutions at home and abroad helps to maintain its high standards.

Strategy and Security Policy Institute is responsible for

  1. Research and instructuring in the fields of Strategy, International Security and Contemporary History
  2. Publication of results of the actual research work in the publication series of the National Defence Academy ("Schriftenreihe der Landesverteidigungsakademie")
  3. Organising and conducting ofevents of scientific contents and interdisciplinary symposia
  4. Domestic and international co-operation with universities and other research institutions

The Institute for Peace Support and Conflict Management (IFK) was estabilished in 1999. It is a research institute of the National Defence Academy of the Austrian Armed Forces.

The Institute for Human and Social Sciences sees itself as the research and teaching facility for human and social sciences of the Austrian Armed Forces. The Institute is responsible for research, teaching, and, to a certain degree, for political advice in the disciplines of human and social sciences as far as they have a bearing on the armed forces in general and the Austrian Armed Forces in particular.

The Language Institute of the Austrian Armed Forces at the Austrian National Defence Academy in Vienna co-operates with the pertinent departments of the Ministry of Defence and Sport and is responsible for education and further training, testing, terminology work, translation, interpretation, planning, coordination, support, administration, supply, etc.

The Central Documentation Department serves as an information broker for the Austrian Armed Forces. Its tasks comprise the selection and storage of information in data bases as well as the retrieval of information therefrom. Furthermore, it provides information to its users from external data bases, the Internet and other sources.

Address: Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung und Sport, Roßauer Lände 1, 1090 Wien

university hierarchy:

   Austrian National Defence Academy
      Central Documentation
      Higher Military Leadership
      Human and Social Sciences
      Language Institute
      Peace Support and Conflict Management
      Strategy and Security Policy



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