War Studies University

Education and research in Military Science, State Defence Issues, National and International Security, Management, Law, Social Sciences. Located in Warsaw, Poland. Member of CEFME.

The War Studies University Warsaw (Polish: Akademia Sztuki Wojennej - ASW) is the civil-military highest defence academic institution in Poland, located at Rembertów (now part of Warsaw). It was re-established in 1947 as the General Staff Academy and continues traditions of the Szkoła Rycerska ("The School of Knights") founded in 15 March 1765 and other subsequent military schools. Today the National Defence University, subordinate directly to the Polish Ministry of National Education.

ASW is the alma mater of Polish commanding and staff officers and civilian experts in national and international security matters. It also conducts extensive scientific research on state defence issues, military doctrine, theory of warfare, military art, including military strategy, operational art and tactics, also in the field of national and international security.  University  cooperates with the Polish Ministry of National Defence, General Staff, North Atlantic Treaty Organization and other Polish and foreign military, scientific and academic institutions.

The school's master's program is a five-years study program, but also ASW provides two-years under- and over graduate study programs and four-years PhD (Doctor of Science) programs and higher doctorate (habilitation) opportunity as well.

The War Studies University continues the heritage of The Higher War College in the country and in exile (1919-1946).  The university educates officers for the needs of commands, staffs, military and civilian institutions connected with state defence.  It also prepares civilian students to perform tasks in the domain of national security and crisis response systems.

WWW-page: https://www.akademia.mil.pl/
Address: Akademia Sztuki Wojennej al. gen. Antoniego Chruściela "Montera" 103,00-910 Warszawa-Rembertów
E-mail: rzecznik@akademia.mil.pl

university hierarchy:

   War Studies University
      Advanced Distributed Learning
      CBRN Defence Training Centre
      Foreign Language Centre
      Management and Command Faculty
      National Security Faculty
      Officers' Training Centre
      Physical Training Centre
      War Games and Simulation Centre



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