University of Defence, Czech Republic

Education in Military Science, Technology, Economics, Management, Languages and Medicine. Located in Brno, Vyškov and Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. Member of CEFME.

University of Defence (UoD) primary mission is propagation of literacy, development of thinking and independent scientific research in the issues vital for Czech Republic security or accomplishment of its Alliance obligations. UoD scope of work is defined with focuses of education, formation and training of military professionals as required by the Army of the Czech Republic (ACR) and research projects in favour of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) department. The University consists of faculties, institutes and centres:

  • Faculty of Military Leadership
  • Faculty of Military Technology
  • Faculty of Military Health Sciences
  • NBC Defence Institute
  • Centre for Security and Military Strategic Studies
  • Language Centre
  • Physical Training and Sports Centre

 The education and training process at the University of Defence is markedly military orientated. It develops the students in independence, creativity, endurance, devotion and self-discipline. The studied branches of human cognition are explained primarily with respect to military applications. However, the graduates are generally educated at university level ready for wide range of career positions both in military and civilian lives.

The school is also a lifelong learning centre. It provides for both accredited and non-accredited departmental summon education for the highest-ranking officer. The follow-on training of the senior officers takes the form of commanders, staff and special courses. UoD hosts also qualification or re-qualification courses on various subjects for military professionals or MoD civil employees. The University is open for civilian and foreign students as well.

Address: Kounicova street 65, 662 10 Brno, Czech Republic
E-mail: (spokesperson)

university hierarchy:

   University of Defence, Czech Republic
      Faculty of Military Health Sciences
      Faculty of Military Leadership
      Faculty of Military Technology
      NBC Defence Institute


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