Foreign Language Centre "Katarina Zrinska"

Part of Croatian Defence Academy.

The Foreign Language Centre “Katarina Zrinska” (FLC), was established within the Croatian Defence Academy “Dr. Franjo Tuđman” by the Decree of the Minister of Defence on March 14, 1995.

The FLC is a joint all-service language institution functioning in three locations – Zagreb, Osijek, and Split. It consists of three Teaching Departments, the Testing, Translation and Interpretation Department, and Secretary’s Office.

The FLC mission is to organize and execute foreign language training for officers, NCOs, and civilian personnel of the Croatian Armed Forces (CAF) and Croatian Ministry of Defence (MOD) as well as for members of a wider security and defence community (Ministry of Interior, Military Intelligence, Security and Intelligence Service, and foreign military personnel)

The FLC goal is to prepare its students to successfully perform their duties in a modern international environment as well as to prepare them for their education and training abroad.

The main activities of the FLC are:

1. Foreign language intensive courses (English, German, French, and Italian)

2. Advanced English Language Course

3. Methodology Course for English Language Instructors

4. Mentoring the English Language Instructors in the CAF units

5. Development and execution of the HRVN STANAG 6001 tests of the English language for CAF and MOD

6. Translation and interpreting for CDA, CAF and MOD.

The curriculum and all syllabuses are founded on STANAG 6001 (NATO) and CEFR (EU) requirements. 

Address: Ilica 256b, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

university hierarchy:

Croatian Defence Academy "Dr. Franjo Tuđman"
   Foreign Language Centre "Katarina Zrinska"



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