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MilUNI-military universities is a portal on military universities in the european region states and all other NATO members states (US, Canada).

The Knowledge Management System for (KMS) Military Universities’ cooperation MilUNI was developed within the research project for the development of the University of Defence, Faculty of Military technologies, Communication and Information Systems Department: “The Promising CIS Technologies”, subproject “Information and Knowledge Systems”. His supervisor is Prof. Ladislav BURITA.

The KMS was created to follow up the outcome of further results, as well as MilUNI - System for Universities Effective military cooperation. MilUNI project was launched in summer 2012 with French students by their internship at the CIS Department. There were processed information about 100 universities and by the end of this year was amended and supplemented. In 2013, work began on the portal, which covers KMS MilUNI available to users. More than 2 years will be paid to marketing to raise awareness of MilUNI and getting people from the universities to its improvement.

Portal is available at

For the best cooperation in CEFME community was prepared the special portal, that was derived from the MilUNI portal, but it is independent environment that includes some new features against MilUNI.


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